Data Sets

We strive to have our data sets follow the FAIR principles:

Data are searchable by keyword and tag. 

Data are accessible through open APIs or available for download as a csv file.

Using OGC's SensorThings standard enables different sources of information to be combined. 

Each data set contains record-level information on things like data license and data quality to enable fitness-for-purpose assessments and reuse. 


OGC v1.9 | OGC v1.6

APIs expose the data in raw or interoperable format.  All interoperable datasets are published using a common data model, based on the OGC SensorThingsAPI standard.  See OGC v1.9 for the latest Data Schema in JSON format.  All data in OGC v1.6 will be deprecated by October 31st. 

Our data dictionary offers additional information.  Researchers who wish to create their own data model based on our version of OGC's SensorThingsAPI standard can choose fields published in the data dictionary to create new protocols.   

ESRI Data Hub | Citizen Science Cloud

Our companion website, the Citizen Science Cloud, was created for professional researchers or citizen scientists who want a more user-friendly way to access to data. Through the Citizen Science Cloud, datasets are integrated into Esri's AGOL platform for easy access to GIS analysis and visualization tools.